‘Ow do from Yorkshire Celebrant
-Louisa Starr!

Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

Aye up! Louisa Starr here and I’m an Independent Wedding Celebrant based in Yorkshire creating and delivering alternative wedding ceremonies that really SHINE!!

Are you an Alternative Wedding Couple?

Are you the sort of couple that want something irregular and unusual for your wedding ceremony?
Do you want a ceremony that will be remembered for being truly alternative and original?
Well, the stars have guided you to the right celebrant my friend! Yorkshire to be precise!
As an Alternative Wedding Celebrant, it’s not in my nature to deliver a wedding ceremony that is the same as everybody else’s!
I will not sleep until we have created a ceremony that shines above the rest!

Reet Yorkshire Wedding Ceremonies - REAL wedding ceremonies for REAL couples!

‘What kind of wedding ceremony do you want?

It’s YOUR wedding!!

Would you like to involve your guests in your wedding ceremony?
Are you fans of the bizarre and obscure?
Have you any themes for your wedding?
Do you want to honour and respect wedding traditions?

I fully understand the values and meaning of tying the knot and celebrating traditional elements in weddings – after all, I’ve been married since 2007!!
As an Independent Wedding Celebrant in Yorkshire, I honour all beliefs be they Humanist/Non-Humanist, Spiritual, Religious or your chosen preference.

The question is – what do YOU want on YOUR wedding day?

Yorkshire’s Alternative Wedding Celebrant

Fancy a chat about an alternative and indie wedding celebrant ceremony? Well, let’s meet for a pint face to face or via video communications so that we can see how to make your ceremony truly SHINE!!

Louisa is the main highlight! She has an amazing way of writing a personal service and it was so us! Our wedding service had our guests in stitches for most of it , (and us) but was also very touching too. Our friends and family still talk about it now as ‘The best wedding they’ve ever attended ‘ and other weddings can’t come close.  – Louisa is most definitely a Starr !

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