What do you want to know about this Yorkshire Celebrant?

I live in York with my husband, Lee and my son, Ernie.
Lee and I had a wedding celebrant perform our outdoor marriage ceremony on 21st December 2007. Yes, it was bloomin’ freezing and dark but a beautiful Winter Solstice evening!

After bumming round the world travelling for a good while, I worked in Theatre Management for many years. I became a Wedding Celebrant after performing a wedding ceremony for my best mate and discovered that I bloody loved doing it! (She is still my bessie too!)


Starr is my real surname as I married Mr Starr! We are all Starrs in our family!

So far, I’ve travelled to 43 countries in my life and my favourite country is Brazil!

My favourite tipple is a pint of bitter or ale, preferably mild and smooth.

Musical theatre is one of my loves and am not ashamed to say it!

Apart from the Christmas Specials, I can quote nearly every line from every episode of Blackadder.

I can touch my nose with my tongue but hate having my knees touched!

Swimming is my favourite exercise and I’m actually very good at it!

I grew up with my parents and my brother holidaying on our family canal boat and still to this day know remember these as some of the best days of my life!

I’ve never been a bridesmaid!

In my spare time (when I get some!) my main hobby is singing in bands covering different genres of music. I love singing in a classic rock covers band, an acoustic trio and a party band too in my spare time!!

Louisa absolutely nailed it! She put together a service about Marvin and I and our love for music, films, training (running), cocktails, and travel. It sounds completely random but it was so much fun. Everyone loved it and Louisa stayed with us for food and she was milling about with the guests all night.

Cat and Marvin