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Hi, I’m Louisa

I became a professional celebrant in 2015 after receiving training from the Fellowship of Independent Celebrant UK.


Although my husband and I had a celebrant perform our wedding ceremony, my initial motive to become a celebrant myself, came after two dear friends asked me to perform their wedding ceremony for them in a barn in a field!


A bit about me..

From my previous career of 15 years in Theatre Management, I had learnt the art of delivering a good performance to an audience and the importance of customer service and so was able to use these skills in this new venture.

I discovered that I loved writing, creating and performing unique, personalised, inventive and creative ceremonies and so I decided to become a celebrant based in York where I live with my husband and son.


As a family, we enjoy going to festivals, camping and caravanning together and I also enjoy singing as a part time job and hobby. I love the significance, emotion and atmosphere that music brings to events and life in general.

My own wedding

My husband and I met at University in York and even though neither of us were originally from the city, it became our home and we decided to get married in the place we loved living.


Our celebrant delivered a personalised and traditional candlelit hand-fasting ceremony on the banks of the River Ouse on Winter Solstice. This made the wedding very personal and unique for my husband and I and all of our guests.


From my own experience, I am greatly aware of how special ceremonies are to everybody attending. I believe that the inclusion of people creates an atmosphere and a truly memorable day.


I have also had personal experience of being a Mum and being adopted myself which has given me an understanding of parenthood in different ways. Please see ‘Naming Ceremonies‘ page for more on this topic.

Find out more and get in touch.