Only me!

A brief background history of my work life!

I live in York with my husband and son. I moved to York from the Midlands to go to University where I studied History of Art but also found Lee (my now husband) in one of the seedy student bars we frequented! After completing my BA, for a time I went into Conference and Wedding Organising before then delving into the world of Theatre Management which saw me having a blinding time working at various Fringe festivals and also massive arenas. I took a couple of years out however to travel the world and enjoy myself before coming back to study an MA in Arts Management. I then worked for many years in Theatre Management which I loved.
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
When we got married, we had a celebrant perform an outdoor ceremony in December!!
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
After becoming a Mum to our son Ernie, I went down the route of self-employment and have been working as an Independent Celebrant since 2015 after performing a wedding ceremony for my bestie and discovering that I bloody loved doing it!
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
And I still bloody love doing it too!

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

Some interesting (or perhaps not!) facts about me!

☆ Starr is my real surname as I married Mr Starr! We are all Starrs in our family!

☆ I have so far travelled to 43 countries in my life and my favourite country so far was Brazil!

☆ In my spare time (when I get some!) my main hobby is singing in bands covering different genres of music.

☆ My favourite tipple is a pint of bitter or ale, preferably mild and smooth.

☆ I have a love of musical theatre and am not ashamed to say it!

☆ I can quote nearly every line from every episode of Blackadder.

☆ I can touch my nose with my tongue but hate having my knees touched!

☆ I love swimming and am actually very good at it!

☆ I grew up with my parents and my brother holidaying on our family canal boat and still to this day know these were some of the best days of my life!

☆ I’ve never been a bloody bridesmaid!

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant