Beer and Beards Festival Themed Outdoor Yorkshire Wedding Ceremony at Wold Top!

Beer and Beards – Alternative Wedding Ceremony by Yorkshire Celebrant

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Wold Top Brewery Beard Festival
Beard festival Wedding Ceremony at Wold Top Brewery by Starr Gazing Ceremonies

The Bride and Groom

Karen and Joe met on a bench in a park! Rock n Roll! Immediately they noticed they shared a love of tattoos, beards and rock music! Their mutual love of going to gigs and drinking real ale made their connection start brewing straight away! Their love was confirmed when Joe bought Karen a cheese and brown sauce sandwich as a sign of affection! Yorkshire love!

I met Karen and Joe in a real ale pub in Malton and straight away we discovered that we shared the love of beer and quality music! After getting to know them, I learnt that Joe and Karen’s wedding theme was ‘Beardfest’ and they’d chosen Starr Gazing Ceremonies as they wanted an alternative wedding ceremony that was Beard-themed, funny, audience-participation orientated, bright and bonkers but also wanted one that reflected their personalities and relationship whilst still including the values, meaning and recognition of marriage.

The Wedding Venue

Beer was without a doubt one of the main themes of Karen and Joe’s awesome wedding last year at The Wold Top Brewery. The Wold Top is a wedding venue that is off the beaten track located down some exciting country lanes that are set in the idyllic views of the Yorkshire Countryside. Karen & Joe had their own ale created for their special day with their own personally labelled bottles. Anne and her brilliant team at Muddy Souls Events ensured that the outdoor wedding ceremony area and indoor party marquee looked amazing!

The Wedding Photographers

Emma and Rich totally and literally ROCK! I have had the honour of working with these guys, drinking with them, exhibiting next to them at Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, singing to them in a dodgy Scarborough bar and of course, becoming mates with them! Emma and Rich are a married couple who work as well together as a beard on Lemmy’s face! If you are looking for truly colourful, vibrant and ‘catching the moment ‘ photos, then check these guys out! The full collection of Karen and Joe’s wedding can be seen via this link and below is a short slideshow of the wedding photographs. Please go onto their website to see their bright and awesome photos!

The Alternative Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

After getting to know the bride and groom, I knew the wedding ceremony needed to reflect their personalities, their themes, their relationship and involve their guests in a relaxed way. The wedding ceremony was so varied and full of fun that it is hard to explain with just a few words so here is a summary of the celebrant wedding ceremony delivered by Starr Gazing Ceremonies in a nutshell!

Main and Fun themes – Beards and Beer:- Entrance of Pint of Beer down the aisle to the song Love Walked In by Thunder:- Bride entrance to secret song by Meatloaf:- Bride forgetting her vows and running off to get them! Appearance of Bearded Yorkshire Celebrant (aka Judith Priest) to deliver the sermon of the 10 Beardments required for Joe and Karen’s relationship in conjunction with music references featuring clips from Mastodon, Anthrax, Evil Scarecrow and Steps! (don’t ask!), Symbolic Ceremony of Making a Cheese and Brown Sauce Sandwich (relevant to their first date!) Jagerbombs and Beer Drinking Ritual involving the guests:- Motto of the ceremony – ALL HAIL THE BEER!

Symbolic and meaningful moments – Best Friend of Bride giving her blessing for bride/bestie to be married:- Personally written Vows by Bride & Groom:- Rings presented by Mother of the Groom:- Exchange of Rings:- Yorkshire Beardsman Chant and Guard of Honour and Recessional Song of The Young Ones TV Theme tune!

Alternative Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire
Pre-Ceremony chats – Groom & CelebrantWold Top Brewery
Best Man Entrance - Wedding ceremony
Best Man Entrance!! Starr Gazing Ceremonies at Wold Top
Alternative Celebrant Wedding Ceremony – Yorkshire Celebrant
Rock n Roll Bride Celebrant Alternative Wedding
Judith Priest !!!
Yorkshire Alternative Celebrant - Bearded Lady – Yorkshire Celebrant
Symbolic Ceremony Alternative Celebrant – Sandwich Making Ceremony
Symbolic Ceremony Alternative Wedding Celebrant – Symbolic Ceremony – Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Celebrant Traditional Ceremony – Family wedding traditions
Alternative Wedding Celebrant – Downing of shots in Wedding Ceremony
Alternative Celebrant Ceremony – Beer drinking ceremony
Rock n Roll Bride Alternative Wedding – Rock n Roll Bride
Yorkshire Beardsman Wedding – Beard Guard of Honour
Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding – Yorkshire Celebrant and Groom
Yorkshire Beardsman Wedding – Bride and Groom and Beardsmen

‘Rock n Roll Bride’ and Groom Wedding Ceremony Testimonial

”Louisa is the main highlight! She has an amazing way of writing a personal service and it was so us! Our wedding service had our guests in stitches for most of it , (and us) but was also very touching too. Our friends and family still talk about it now as ‘The best wedding they’ve ever attended ‘ and other weddings can’t come close. Louisa is most definitely a Starr! ” Karen and Joe

Karen and Joe’s wedding was featured in a publication of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine which they have treasured as a keepsake!! Rock On!

Yorkshire Wedding Suppliers

In keeping with the traditions of the Yorkshire Beardsman, a beard competition was held after the ceremony. I had the honour of introducing the host of it – The Groom! Joe appeared in his second colourful outfit to begin the Beard Competition! I loved sitting with beardsman and Emma and Rich discussing beard maintenance whilst truffing on true Yorkshire grub of pies, gravy and Yorkshire puds provided by Wedding Pie Ltd. To keep folk amused, there were many games such as Name the Beard and Meet Lemmy! The evening entertainment was a band from Karen and Joe’s home of Scarborough called Friday Street.

Here is a list of other Suppliers:

Wedding Photographers – Emma and Rich | Wedding Venue – Wold Top Brewery | Wedding Co-ordinator – Muddy Souls | Wedding Celebrant – Starr Gazing Ceremonies | Wedding Caterers – Wedding Pie Ltd | Wedding Dress – Bridal Lounge| Flowers – Karen – the Bride! | Grooms Suits – Ebay! | Wedding Music – Friday Street | Feature Articles – Rock n Roll Bride

Rock n Roll Bride Alternative Wedding Cake
Beard Festival Wedding Ceremony
The Bearded Ladies – Yorkshire Beardsman
Starr Gazing Wedding Celebrant
Starr Gazing Ceremonies introducing the Groom!!
Alternative Groom Suits – Groom Change of Suit!
Yorkshire Wedding Ceremony– Yorkshire Beardsman Salute
Rock n Roll Bride Wedding – Evening Rock Reception

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