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Funeral Ceremonies

Celebrate!!! This is not often a word associated with funerals, yet I believe that funeral ceremonies can be created in order to celebrate the life of the person that is no longer with us.


Farewells can indeed be difficult and sad, but how would the person you are saying farewell to have liked to have been remembered?


Would they have wanted a party?

Would they have wanted to see people laughing? Dancing? Singing?

Did the person have a certain character or ways that made them, THEM?

Did they have a hobby they were devoted to?

Did they have a catchphrase that they were known for?

How did they make you laugh or annoy you?!

Did they have a favourite colour for everybody to wear?

Any specific food they loved to eat that could be included in the after ceremony event or party?


These are questions that not many people think are normal to ask or think about when arranging a funeral ceremony.

What’s included?

This is my main ethos behind ceremonies I deliver. It is not always the traditional or preferred way, but my main aim is to indeed bring an element of celebration to what can be a very solemn occasion.


You can tell me what you want to say and how you want the person to be remembered. Often, little characteristics and foibles are missed out of services but when remembered are guaranteed to make those present laugh and smile.


As I am an Independent Celebrant, I am open to all beliefs and philosophies be they non-religious or religious. I create and perform ceremonies based on the specific beliefs of the person and their family.


Resting Places:


Is there a special place that the celebrated person wanted to be laid to rest at? A woodland burial? A favourite park? Favourite pub? Favourite venue?

Between us we can arrange a ceremony to be held in a special location or place.

Being laid to rest in a favourite place means peace of mind, comfort and a true final farewell.


Open Mic:


Time is limited at a crematorium or cemetery chapel and often many people want to express their feelings and what the person meant to them.


Open mic funerals can be held after the burial at a different venue or a specific special spot and allows everybody that knew the person to express and release their emotions.


This type of event can include stories, poems, tunes and any other tributes that people want to share.


It can even turn into a party to literally lift spirits!


Booking a Funeral Ceremony with Me:


Funeral Directors are responsible for arranging the ceremonies for funerals and it is a service included in their fees. If you would like to specifically book my services for a funeral or memorial ceremony, just ask the Funeral Director that you are using to contact me.


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