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Naming Ceremonies

After experiencing five difficult years trying to have a child, I fully appreciate the miracle that this is (and, of course, the experience of childbirth!), and also how valuable and important celebrating the event can be!

I also have experience of the beauty of adoption, as at six weeks old, I was adopted into a loving family by my parents and my brother. I recognise and appreciate the value of adoption and the love and happiness it can bring a child and their new family.

From both these experiences, as a celebrant, I love naming ceremony with full understanding of how important it is to welcome a new person to the family and the recognition and bonding that a ceremony can bring. There is also no age limit or restrictions for naming ceremonies so if your child has reached a certain turning point, a naming ceremony would be perfect to acknowledge this important step.

Fancy singing some songs, playing a game of rounders or even a food or water fight?

Naming Ceremonies can be as formal, informal, spiritual, religious or non-religious as you require.

The most important thing is to create a meaningful ceremony concentrating on the joys of life as a family and the adventures ahead that come with it.
Your ceremony can be anywhere you would like them and as long as you would like them to be. The priority is also to bring smiles to the faces of everybody involved.

Yorkshire Celebrant Baby Naming Ceremony
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

‘Ow Much

Naming Ceremony Package

There is no charge for the initial enquiry meeting to see if we are right for each other. I am happy to travel between 10-15 miles out of York to meet you and if you choose me, I am then happy to travel to your house or area of living for further meetings.

If you book myself, I will send a contract for confirmation of booking and request for a non-refundable deposit.

☆ All meetings to discuss your ceremony are included. For naming ceremonies, only 2 meetings are usually required including the initial enquiry.

☆ A copy of Starr Gazing Guidelines to Naming Ceremonies to help create your ceremony

☆ A personalised script written specifically for you

☆ A naming certificate and keepsake copy of your ceremony script in a presentation folder

☆ I provide materials for some symbolic ceremonies however for some that are specific, you may be required to supply your own.

☆ Speaker system for recorded music is provided by myself

☆ Supply of recorded music for the ceremony only

☆ Travel expenses to venues within 30-mile radius*

☆ Depending on the distance and timing of the ceremony, I may require accommodation near to the ceremony location which will be added to the overall invoice.

☆ Officiating the ceremony on the day!

All of the above for £250 (inc VAT).*
*Travel expenses may be added dependent on location. If the radius is more than 30 miles, 45 pence per mile is added to the invoice.

Yorkshire Celebrant Naming Ceremonies
Yorkshire Celebrant Naming Ceremonies