Wedding testimonials

The Route to Our Perfect Ceremony by Amy and Pete

Louisa kicked off the day in the best way possible! The ceremony was so individual and really set the tone of the day! Thank you so much Louisa! It was more than we could have imagined and so many people commented how it was like no other, in a good way 😉

Louisa took our travel and festival theme and created the whole ceremony, I don’t know how she made it all come together so well and in such a fun and entertaining way. It wasn’t like a wedding ceremony we had ever been to or heard of. It was all just so much fun: Singing, hugging, ring warming, sock throwing, shots, bat and ball, audience heckling, drawing blindfolded… and it meant so much more to us as a couple.

We can’t even imagine how dull it would have been in comparison if we’d used a regular celebrant. Phew… we’re thankful that we didn’t make that mistake! It would have changed the feel of the whole day. We can’t even begin to explain how brilliant it was!

The route to our perfect ceremony:

We had an initial phone call with Louisa before booking, she sounded very friendly and full of ideas. I can’t remember exactly but I think we then had a skype meeting, a face-to-face meeting in York, another skype chat and then a meeting at the venue the week before the wedding. Louisa sent us an info/ideas booklet initially which was great to start us off thinking creatively. We then discussed our general ideas for the wedding and then filled in a questionnaire, some sections together as a couple and some sections separately. Louisa then took all this information and produced a draft ceremony which we discussed, commented on and sent back. At the venue the week before the wedding we talked through the whole ceremony and Louisa made adjustments. From which she produced the final ceremony! She had lots of ideas for us to choose from and was open to all of our ideas too, although she had a lot more than us 😉

We, and the guests had an absolute blast! Absolutely everyone mentioned Louisa and the ceremony to us throughout the day & night. Some of the guests thought we had been friends with Louisa for years, it was so personal, which is massive credit to her and the time she put into personalising it so well.

We absolutely loved it and are so glad we found Louisa! We would 100% recommend Starr Gazing Ceremonies for a Ceremony with a difference!