Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Ceremonies

Your Alternative and Indie Wedding Ceremony

What do we mean by ‘alternative’?

Have you been to wedding ceremony where a game of Quidditch was played?
Have you seen a Star Wars light saber battle, a sprinting contest, a caricature drawing contest, a sock throwing competition, LARPed or danced the Time Warp at a wedding ceremony before?
Has the Bearded Lady or Gandalf made an appearance at the service?

Well, these bizarre and unusual eccentricities are some of the alternative and personal elements that have been created and performed in some of ceremonies I have delivered!

I love brainstorming different ideas and concepts of bizarre-ness, weirdness and creativeness with couples in order to make a wedding ceremony absolutely shine!

What about wedding traditions and the meaning and values of marriage?

Lou, a wedding ceremony should be about celebrating love, following tradition, sealing a bond, confirming a commitment I hear you say?

AGREED – and as somebody that has been married since 2007, I certainly know, understand, appreciate and honour the values of marriage!
These elements can indeed be honoured and respected in your ceremony but it can also be made absolutely unique and unforgettable.

Marital traditions can be included and recognised as declaring your promises to each other is a fundamental part of a ceremony, but it doesn’t mean fun can’t be had and that your guests can’t be included!

She was our wonderful celebrant at our handfasting. Louisa is one of those magical entities that are utterly indescribable.She’s one of those very few people that has a deep, deep empathy.


Lou did an amazing job of creating our wedding ceremony around us. We had a musical themed ceremony with song clips, everybody dancing the Time Warp and singing along to ‘We Go Together’ from Grease. So many people said it’s the best wedding ceremony they’ve ever seen and I agree with them all! She made our day unforgettable.

John and Kayley

Louisa is amazing. She worked with us to create a totally personalised ceremony, which both we and our guests will never forget! Louisa worked in our hobbies and interests, we all laughed and cried in the same breath. Louisa also helped us create ways to get our guests friendly with each other as we had so many people travelling to be with us, and we were keen to get everyone mingling. We’d recommend Louisa to anyone.

Ali and Robin At Rivermills Ballroom

Symbolic Rituals, Customs and Traditions

As an Independent Celebrant in Yorkshire, I welcome symbolic rituals into ceremonies if requested. These rituals can be adapted to the ceremony according to the preference of the couple.
Rituals such as handfasting can be performed as can many other customs that honour and respect meaning and representation.
The term ‘blessing’ is often used to describe these ceremonies.
If you would like a symbolic ritual that is more relevant to you, then let’s create a ritual with a twist!

Am I the right celebrant for you?

Are you looking for a ceremony that nobody else will have the same as?

On your quest for the best wedding ceremony and for a celebrant, have you been told that you must have things like readings, poems, blah blah blah in your ceremony as that is the norm?

Is the only creative element that has been mentioned been ‘telling your story’?

Ask yourselves, what do WE want?
I do not cut and paste from one ceremony to another. Each ceremony is started from scratch so every single one has creative authenticity and true originality!