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If you are looking at my website, I’m guessing you are obviously interested in having a wedding ceremony that is different to the norm and has been tailor-made for you!

So, let’s get straight to the point with some key information about what I can do for you!

Why choose a celebrant?

As a celebrant, I spend hours meeting with couples (over a pint preferably!) and love getting to know them so that I can then write and create a ceremony that reflects their character, beliefs, philosophies, bizarreness, weirdness, individuality and any other elements of their personalities. This means the ceremonies are all totally individual and no script that I write is the same!

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant Themed ceremony
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant Same Sex

What sort of celebrant are you?

A good one! I am not a Humanist. I am an Independent Celebrant which means I follow and respect all faiths, religions, spirituality and philosophies. May the Force be With You is a motto I have recognised many a time! I perform symbolic ceremonies and rituals* according to the couple’s preferences. I avoid Wedding and Celebrant ‘Award’ events and competitions if possible as this theory doesn’t sit with me! My main belief, however, is that it is YOUR ceremony and I am a firm believer in ensuring every single ceremony I write is started from scratch, not just copied and is moulded to that particular couple.

Where can we have our ceremony with you?

ANYWHERE!! In a field, top of a mountain, on a boat, in a woodland, in a shed, in a bark garden, in a building, in a swimming pool………………the list is endless as we can perform ceremonies anywhere and anytime of day! The venue/location does not need to have a legal licence for a celebrant led ceremony.

Yorkshire Celebrant

What do we need to do for the legal ‘bits’?

I am unable to conduct a legal binding ceremony.

For your marriage to be recognised by law, you must complete the legal formalities at a licensed venue. Rates for this begin at £46. I recommend completing the legalities before your Celebrant Wedding Ceremony (28 days notice is required) so as to avoid complications on the day and allow more freedom with your personal ceremony. Please contact your local authority for information about legal formalities.

Are you the right celebrant for us and why choose you?

Yoda, Bearded Lady, Whoopi Goldberg, Musicals, games of Quidditch, Dancing to Agadoo, Film Scenes, Viking re-enactments, Singing of Pokemon Theme, Gandalf, ………yes, these are just some of the fun elements I have performed and created in ceremonies before! I am a huge believer in creating something totally different so if you are just wanting a very traditional style of wedding ceremony, then I may not be the right celebrant for you! I do love including the traditional elements of marriage in ceremonies indeed however, I get itchy fingers if I can’t do something off the scales …or off the rails more like it! For me, laughter, involvement of guests, having fun yet celebrating the ethos and meaning of marriage. I have been married since 2007 so know a bit about it now!

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Yorkshire Singing Celebrant

A singing celebrant!

One of my other hobby-jobs is singing. I’ve been in many bands over the years covering rock, pop, jazz, blues, soul and various genres of music.

I absolutely love live music and when it is used in wedding ceremonies, then it brings such a wonderful vibrancy and sense of community to a service. I am able to arrange musicians to be involved in your ceremony at an extra cost or you can provide your own.

Either way, I will be more than ecstatic to be involved with the music and the singing so that we can really raise the roof and go to town with the tunes!!!

‘Ow Much

This is what many folk want to know the most!!

There is no charge for the initial enquiry meeting to see if we are right for each other. I am happy to travel 10 miles out of York to meet you and if you choose me, I am then happy to travel to your house or area of living for further meetings.

If you book myself, I will send a contract for confirmation of booking and request for a non-refundable deposit.

☆ All meetings to discuss your ceremony are included. Overall, there will be about 2-3 meetings

☆ A wedding rehearsal can be arranged if the venue is less than an hour drive away otherwise, travel costs will apply.

☆ A copy of Starr Gazing Guidelines to Wedding Ceremonies to help create your ceremony

☆ A personalised script written specifically for you

☆ A wedding certificate and keep sake copy of your ceremony script in presentation folder

☆ I provide materials for some symbolic ceremonies however for some that are specific, you may be required to supply your own*

☆ I provide speaker systems for ceremonies which vary according to the venue

☆ Supply of recorded music for the ceremony only

☆ Travel expenses to venues within 50 mile radius. Travel expenses may be added dependent on location. If the radius is more than 50 miles, 45 pence per mile is added to the invoice. Depending on the distance and timing of ceremony, I may require accommodation near to the ceremony location which will be added to the overall invoice.

☆ ME!! Officiating the ceremony on the day! A rehearsal/run through can be depending on distance and travel expenses may need covering.

☆ A pint or post-ceremony beverage is required in Starr Gazing T&Cs!!

All of the above for £550 (inc VAT)

*Symbolic Ceremonies and Rituals such as Handfasting may incur extra costs unless purchased by the couple

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Themed Ceremony
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant
Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant