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Wedding and

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Weddings and Renewal of Vows are festivals of celebration! The ceremony is often the part of the wedding that is least concentrated on yet I believe that ceremonies are just as, if not, more significant than the big party afterwards.


Being able to tailor-make and personalise a ceremony without any time limit or venue and licence restrictions, allows a celebrant to create a ceremony that is unique and memorable. Your ceremony can be traditional, symbolic, spiritual, bohemian, religious, themed, festival-style, quirky, bizarre or anything that you want! You can have your ceremony in a venue, woodlands, camp site or even your own back garden!

If you have a specific hobby, passion or specific idea for your wedding, I will create a ceremony based on these priorities.  It can be as traditional as you want or if you want to have a wacky wedding, e.g. in a swimming pool, I will do my best to be as involved as possible!


Things to think about:

Do you have a hobby that you share?

Do you have ‘isms’ that are funny, quirky or different in your relationship?

Did you meet in unusual circumstances?

What defines you as a couple?


Ceremonies can be created to be ‘very you’ as the saying goes. I will always try and get to know couples well before I write the ceremony so that we know we are on the same wave length and comfortable with each other. I also think it is important for couples to have input into what they want on their special day.


Traditional symbolic ceremonies often enhance the bond created at a wedding ceremony and can include Handfasting, Jumping the Broom, Sand Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Blessing of the Rings, Unity Candle and many more. You can of course pick anything to add anything that you like to add a twist to your day and make the ceremony a very personal and unique symbol to your day (I always supply couples with a list and guide to ceremony ideas and rituals for their booking)

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Yorkshire Celebrant

I am unable to conduct a legal binding ceremony. For your marriage to be recognised by law, you must complete the legal formalities at a licensed venue. Rates for this begin at £50. I recommend completing the legalities before your Celebrant Wedding Ceremony (28 days notice is required) so as to avoid complications on the day and allow more freedom with your personal ceremony. Please contact your local authority for information about legal formalities.


I am happy to dress according to the request of the customer. I am willing to dress in a specific colour, costume, fancy dress or themed outfit to suit your event. However the outfit I wear must be comfortable and of acceptable in appearance.

  • My Wedding Package

    • There is no charge for the initial enquiry meeting to see if we are right for each other. I am happy to travel between 10-15 miles out of York to meet you and if you choose me, I am then happy to travel to your house or area of living for further meetings.

    • If you book myself, I will send a contract for confirmation of booking and request for a non-refundable deposit.

    • All meetings to discuss your ceremony are included. Overall, there will be about 2-3 meetings plus a rehearsal at the wedding venue beforehand.

    • A copy of  Starr Gazing Guidelines to Wedding Ceremonies to help create your ceremony

    • A personalised script written specifically for you

    • A wedding certificate and keep sake copy of your ceremony script in presentation folder

    • I provide materials for some symbolic ceremonies however for some that are specific, you may be required to supply your own.

    • A mains powered L1 Bose PA system with standing microphone if required for the couple or guests needing it for reading or a battery powered Vox 5 Watt mini amp or Bose Plunge for music.

    • Supply of recorded music for the ceremony only

    • If you would like live music supplying for the ceremony, this will be an extra cost for the musician of between £120-150.

    • Travel expenses to venues within 30 mile radius* Depending on the distance and timing of ceremony, I may require accommodation near to the ceremony location which will be added to the overall invoice.

    • Officiating the ceremony on the day!

    All of the above for £400(inc VAT).*
    *Travel expenses may be added dependent on location. If the radius is more than 30 miles, 45 pence per mile is added to the invoice.

Handfasting Ceremony York Wedding Celebrant

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