Why have a Celebrant Ceremony?

Why have a Celebrant-led ceremony for your wedding?

Although more people are now aware of what a celebrant is and does, there are still many folk that are unaware of them and what one does.

So, to explain the basics, here are some simple questions answered! I hope it helps!!


Are you a registrar?

I am not a registrar so I am unable to perform a legal binding ceremony.

A registrar is a government official, responsible for keeping legal records. A wedding ceremony performed by a registrar must take place in a venue licensed for marriage, using specified contractual wording to legalise the union. Religious / spiritual content is not allowed in a registrar wedding ceremony.

So what are you then?

I am an Independent Celebrant!

I write, create and perform tailor-made ceremonies for couples that are totally unique as they are created and based around them and them only!

I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants UK and focus on providing a custom-made ceremony designed to celebrate any ‘right of passage’ in a way which is personal to you, without legal obligation or government restriction.

How does it work?

Couples need to register their marriage in a Registered Office before or after your celebrant-led wedding ceremony in order to make your marriage legally binding. Couples needs to give notice at the local registry office and arrange to have a Statutory Ceremony to legally register the marriage. Costs start as little as £50 for these ceremonies.

It is usually recommended to register your marriage before the Celebrant-led ceremony.

Where can celebrants perform ceremonies?

I will perform a ceremony in any venue, any time, any place and anywhere! There are practically no restrictions!

Want to get married in a field at sunset? A cemetery in the dark? In your back garden? In a swimming pool? On a boat on the river? The choice is yours!

But this isn’t our actual ceremony then?

As a Celebrant, it is my belief that a wedding ceremony is all about you as a couple declaring your love and promises to each other.

I have performed ceremonies where there has just been the three of us (and a photographer!) as the couple have wanted to embrace this special moment between them with the use of their own words, their own thoughts and their beliefs.

Many couples love having friends and family all around them to witness their special moment and to be part of it all.

Celebrant ceremonies offer a blessing to you both and to everybody there. To me, the prime aim of a wedding ceremony should be to focus on a couple declaring their love and promises to one another in a style that reflects their personalities, characters, beliefs and preferences.

What are YOUR beliefs?

My belief is that the customer is always right! The main philosophy that I follow is to ensure couples have a ceremony that is totally THEM!

I honour all faiths and beliefs, be they spiritual or non-spiritual and will perform ceremonies according to the preferences of the couple I am working with.

What can we include in the ceremony?

ANYTHING!!! There are endless possibilities for your ceremony!

Many people love to include a symbolic ceremony such as a Handfasting or others like a Sand Ceremony, Ring Warming, Beer Blessing (my favourite!) Tree Planting, Tasting the Elements, Tying of the Knot, Rose Ceremony and many more.

Also, readings, poems, battle re-enactments, sport matches, theatre performances, role play….you name it… can all be included!

Some people like to keep traditional elements such as vows and ring exchanges yet some people want to completely think out of the box and have a ceremony that is totally different and obscure!

This year, (2018), I have performed a huge variety of ceremonies that have involved and included the following elements and themes: – Harry Potter, Star Wars, Top Gun, Camping, Festivals, Quizzes, Game Show, Disney, Medieval, Larping, Lego Building, Drinking Games, Sock Wanging, Blindfolded Sketching, Football, Quidditch and many more!!!

A good sing-a-long is always good fun! I love singing and always enjoy getting the atmosphere buzzing by getting everybody to join in with an uplifting song. Songs such as Wonderwall by Oasis, I’m a believer by the Monkees, and You’re just too good to be true by Andy Williams are just a few that I’ve had the joy of bouncing around to at ceremonies this year to!


The wedding ceremony is the best part of the day to include all of your guests and focus totally on the two of you!

If you are planning your wedding, think about the memories you want you and your guests to keep with them!

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