Ten Reasons to Choose a Wedding Celebrant

I am often asked why people choose a wedding celebrant and what is the difference between having a wedding celebrant officiate at your wedding and either a registrar or a member of the clergy.

So, I thought I would share with you just 10 reasons why you a couple may want to choose a wedding celebrant. (Please remember that if you do choose a wedding celebrant, you will also need to have a formal registration of marriage with a registrar at another time.)

Why a choose a celebrant for your wedding ceremony?

1. Our wedding ceremonies are non-religious, so they suit many couples who are either non-religious themselves or who are of different religious backgrounds and want something that reflects their lives.

2. We are offer total flexibility in your vows – many of the couples I marry have written their own very personal vows. When a registrar officiates they need to follow a legally binding script and, although you can add in your own touches, there are constraints.

3. Choose your venue – wedding ceremonies with celebrants are not restricted to licensed venues. Of course, you can Yorkshire Wedding Celebrantchoose one of the many beautiful licensed venues, but equally you can have your ceremony in your garden, on the beach or at one of your favourite beauty spots. Your celebrant will advise you on how to get permissions.

4. Save money – by having your ceremony away from a licensed venue, you can save money on hiring the venue and the sometimes restrictive packages that are available.

5. This is your ceremony – you can truly make your wedding unique, telling your story. You can not only choose your vows, the venue and the time, but your wedding celebrant will work with you to tell your story. I’ve included Harry Potter, Star Wars and musicals in my ceremonies.

6. Time – with either a religious wedding or a registrars you will need to fit into their timetable. With a celebrant you can have your ceremony whenever you like – even midnight or dawn, there are no restrictions – although guests may not be too impressed at a 5:00am start!

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant

7. Get to know your celebrant – you will meet your celebrant at least once before the wedding (in my case usually in the pub) and we all get to know each other. I learn about you, ask you what you would like from your perfect wedding ceremony and then create it for you.

8. Music – there are no restrictions on music – at a registry office you cannot have anything religious for example. With a celebrant officiating, you can have any music and I love nothing more than leading a good old sing-a-longYorkshire Wedding Celebrant

9. Choose your symbolism – if you want a hand-fasting ceremony or leaping over the broom for example, your wedding celebrant will be able to lead you in these symbols in marriage

10. A day to remember – a wedding ceremony led by a celebrant is a day to remember – everyone enjoys themselves and guests leave your wedding saying how “it was the best ceremony they’ve been to.”

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