Yorkshire Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

Yorkshire Brides!

As with most of my initial meetings with couples, the venue is usually a pub!!

I first met Nicole and Sophie in The Habit in York to see if we were right for each other. After 10 mins of sitting down with a pint in our hands, we found out that this certainly was the case.

We started chatting and I loved finding out about how they met when they were both very young yet both of them already knew their sexuality.

After finishing our pints, the two of them, there and then said they would love me to be their celebrant and I was truly honoured, happy and excited to have been asked to be part of their special day.

We then planned our next meetings for discussing their ceremony and to begin creating it.

A unique wedding ceremony

The day before the wedding, I drove over to the wedding venue of the Wood Hall Hotel in Wetherby so that we could have a quick check of how the ceremony was going to work. Everybody was already buzzing and full of excitement and so we had a good giggle together!

Sophie and Nicole had chosen to have live music for their ceremony which I arranged for them by booking Michaela to play piano.

As everybody began to be seated, Michaela and I decided to get the mood going by having a little warm-up with the guests using the song that Sophie and Nicole had chosen for them all to sing later in the ceremony. The song was Ain’t No Mountain High Enough which is not an easy song to sing indeed but the guests were all so excited and in the mood for it and so they blasted out the notes loudly during the warm-up!

The brides had both chosen a song each to enter to and both were going to walk down the aisle with their fathers.

Nicole firstly entered with her Dad to Michaela playing Glitter in the Air by Pink and then stood waiting for Sophie who walked down the aisle with her Dad to Michaela playing Love Song by Taylor Swift.

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

During our meetings to plan the ceremony, Sophie and Nicole had given me a beautiful collection of sayings that they would like incorporated into the ceremony.

To begin with, we lit a candle in memory of those unable to be at the ceremony. The candle was then put on the table next to photos of those being remembered so that their presence was with Sophie and Nicole during the ceremony.


As I began telling the story of the two of them, the quotes were blended into the story at relevant parts so as to recognise the relevance and importance of the words that Nicole and Sophie had chosen. There were many tears of laughter and happiness during this part of the ceremony indeed.

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Sing-a-long!!!

When it came to doing the sing-a-long, of course everybody was raring to go after the warm up and so we had everybody up on their feet, my tambourine came out and everybody’s voices literally raised the roof with a brilliant rendition of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

A touching and warm moment was had after the sing-a-long when I asked both parents to come forward to give their daughters away to be married.

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

Sophie and Nicole had written their own vows and then had chosen for their wedding rings to be passed around their guests in order for everybody to hold the wedding rings and offer their blessing to them so that when the rings finally reached Sophie and Nicole, the rings were full of love from all their guests at their wedding.

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

After Sophie and Nicole had exchanged rings, they chose to conclude the ceremony with a Sand Ceremony ritual. The only problem was that the sand funnel to pour the sand into the vase had gone missing but luckily, an Aunty suddenly created a cone out of her song lyrics sheet as a back up so the ritual could be completed!

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

The guests completed their promise to the brides and then Sophie and Nicole walked down the aisle together to Michaela playing The Greatest Day by Take That.

Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding Yorkshire Celebrant Wedding

There was a wonderful atmosphere and feeling during Sophie and Nicole’s wedding ceremony that meant their day started perfectly.

I met up with Sophie and Nicole a few weeks after the wedding to have a look at their photos that had been created by Richard Perry.

We of course met in the same place that we had our first meeting and of course, had a beer whilst we were there!!

Lou Starr – Starr Gazing Ceremonies

From Sophie and Nicole:-  It was a FANTASTIC day for us!! Louisa made it so much fun for everyone, getting people involved, counting 1 potato 2 potato, busting out the tambourine and some dance moves in our group song and just made our whole wedding expereince so relaxed and enjoyable. Would DEFINITELY recomened her to anyone!! Thanks Louisa xx


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